“I have used the quality services of Elmwood Notary now for almost 20 years, including incorporating my business and general notary work. The services that I have received have been very professional and cost-effective… all with a personal touch. Elmwood Notary is the only company that I have ever trusted with this type of work and always will.”

Joe Mackenroth,

Mindtek Corp.


“Elmwood Notary delivers Notarial and title transfer services in a professional and efficient manner at a very reasonable price.”

Billy Kraus


“We have used Elmwood Notary since they were in the shopping center food court and have always been pleased with their services.  It’s where I go to get my documents notarized or handle my vehicle transfers.”

Johnathan Kernion

President of Cycle Construction


“I have used Elmwood Notary to incorporate my business, purchase my office, and transfer my vehicles.  Donald DiMaggio has extensive knowledge in the policies of the DMV as well as other notarial, tax, and business matters.”

Gordon Tschantz

Owner of Iris Auto Sales


“Elmwood Notary has prepared and filed workman and material liens which have helped us collect money owed to our company”

Darryl Guillory

Guillory Sheet Metal


“Elmwood Notary has handled most of my notarized works for nearly 15yrs. Everything from Video Poker permits to a few real estate transfers.  I highly recommend Elmwood Notary.”

Ray Paternastro

Owner of Cue & Cushion


“I have had used the services of Elmwood Notary on multiple occasions. Each time Mr. DiMaggio was very knowledgeable regarding my business needs. He was very thorough and all work was completed in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Elmwood Notary for any and all of you notary services.”

Dr. Patricia Speeg

Principal of St. Clement of Rome



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